Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uncle Kalan

Kind of forgot how easy it was to post from my phone. Maybe I'll use some driving home time to update everyone! We are headed back from Seattle from visiting my brother who lives over there. He is headed to Australia with his architecture firm on a project. We are do proud of him!!! It's a great opportunity for him.
The girls were so funny this time in Seattle when we went to his apartment... Saying "we don't have buildings like this (skyscraper) in our town"!
They loved the view from his tiny apartment's balcony. I made them all squish out there to get a pic in front of the space needle.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Girls first day of school

Alizah and her Longview teacher mrs. Ledeboer. She loves her!!

I was the embarrassing 5th grade mom who still took hanna's first day pic with mrs. Pinkerton.

Second school's first day at Kimber for all the girls!

The girls' schedules are tough this year for even me!
Hanna and Alizah go to two schools. Piper goes to kindergarten at aim. They started this week with a few of their activities too so we've almost made it to the weekend!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New bikes

These darn kids keep growing. Their poor knees were up to their handle bars..... So off to WalMart we go and a family bike ride to test out the new bikes to end the night.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Princess tea party

The long awaited tea party!!! "cheerios" cheers with their glasses-Fallon and alizah.

Piper knows how to keep her finger up!

My girls are "girly" girls without a doubt! We tried to go to the boys baseball game but that didn't last very long. They just want tea parties and dress up all day long. The poor boy cousins even played barbies a few days ago!!

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Location:Burley idaho

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Salon girls

I know lots of posts, but I need to document for dad to see what we are up to on vacation (he's not with us this trip-stuck at work... Must not have as good as job as me:) HA,HA:) or maybe just not as awesome of employees that I could leave forever and they would probably run the business better than me!!)
Anyway...bowling today along with amazing pedicures from aunt joycelyn in the new salon she works at. We had the place to ourselves and the girls played beauty shop while the other got the pedi. Wow....amazing real life chairs that lean back to wash hair, booster seats for hair cuts and swivel chairs that go up and down. The barbies and dolls got the royal treatment!!

Then off to pizza at uncle al's and then aunt britni's birthday for cake and ice cream. Kids played hide and seek and freeze tag till 10:30!! Wonder how exhausted we will be when we get home??

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Location:Declo idaho

Free bowling

Free bowling day in burley!! These guys are pretty smart cuz moms like me don't say no to pizza lunch and arcade games. So the free part is a little deceiving but not the fun part!! Piper was quite the bowler with her running approach and stealing everyone's turns! So cute!

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Location:Burley idaho

Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoshone falls

Girls at Shoshone falls by twin falls, Idaho. Piper is covering her face in the pic cuz the mist was very heavy!!

I remember coming here with my family for Sunday picnics. Loved it and wished the weather was different today and I could have showed the girls more of the area.

Hanna is holding their cousin Fallon. We are headed to twin for dinner for their aunt and uncle's birthday. Aunt britni's is tomorrow and uncle kalan's was last weekend. We are going to have our fill of cake!!

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